Can dogs eat natural chews from fur? Absolutely yes!!

Whole rabbit ears with fur fully satisfy the dog's primary need to chew and best represent its natural diet as a carnivore (generalist/opportunist).

They are naturally rich in cartilage, a natural source of glucosamine, with various beneficial properties on the joints, and are also easily digestible, very tasty and appetizing!


First of all, the hair has an important function in cleaning our dogs' teeth, it acts as a toothbrush, thanks to its abrasive action against the surface of the teeth, it removes the accumulation of plaque and food residues, cleaning them naturally.

A further benefit of hair chews is linked to digestion, in fact the hair as it passes through the intestine, like a toothbrush rubs against undigested food, thus improves the intestine's ability to absorb nutrients. They also play the role of natural dewormers (NB: it does not replace the prevention of veterinary products against worms and various parasites) but they help to reduce their load.