Even senior dogs can eat natural chews!

However, let's distinguish dogs that have eaten natural snacks throughout their lives, and for which they possess excellent chewing skills, with already elderly dogs that we would like to let taste this type of snack for the first time.

For the former, if they don't have problems with their teeth or other health problems, they can very well continue to give the usual chews, we will notice over time if they become too hard and demanding, or if the dog will continue to have no problems chewing them.

During old age it is very common to lose some teeth or have gum problems, and therefore it is not recommended to provide too hard things to chew, which could cause pain to the dog, but rather it is better to choose softer and easier to chew products.

These are also the items we recommend that senior dogs with no chewing experience try.

Let's start from Beef green tripe, which comes in comfortable vertical strips, really simple to chew, very very attractive, suitable for all palates!

Even the Crow's feet they are perfect, both for their texture, crunchy but not too hard, and for their small size, very delicate snacks loved by all dogs.

Slightly bigger, but still very simple to chew, we also have the Beef Lung & the whole sole, two valid options designed to last a little longer and to offer some relaxation to our old people!

Even the elderly dog needs to be stimulated, through different chews, with different textures and flavors, you will offer a well-deserved moment of leisure and relaxation to your best four-legged friends.