Can we also supply natural chews to puppies? Certainly!

However, the process must be gradual, respecting its growth phases.

Starting from the 3-4 month old puppy, who still has milk teeth, we can begin to help him discover the world of natural chews through the more palatable and less hard ones.

By chewing, the puppy will have a greater awareness of his mouth, which for dogs is the first and most fundamental tool for exploration and learning, so providing chewing activities is of essential importance in this delicate phase of dog development.

Obviously there are not only chews to satisfy this need, but they certainly play an important part in this activity.

Too often chews or snacks are chosen completely at random and of poor quality, such as vacuum-packed "bones", easily found in any pet store, and moreover without even stopping to consider whether or not our puppy is ready to eat with serenity and safety certain products.

So what are the chews to start with correctly with a puppy?

The easiest to chew and enjoy, even for a 3-4 month old puppy is the Beef green tripe, which comes in handy vertical strips, really easy to chew.

Even the Crow's feet they are perfect, both in terms of texture, crunchy but not too hard, and in terms of size, just right for the youngest!

Having tested the simpler options, we can move on to slightly larger sizes, but still very easy to chew:

The Beef Lung & the Whole sole.

These are also very crunchy, as if they were palatines, but still perfect for the finest and most delicate teeth, such as milk teeth.

Once the milk teeth have been changed, around 4-5 months, for puppies who have already tested the simplest chews we can also switch to something more consistent such as for example Duck necks, decidedly crunchy and very appetizing! They are slightly more full-bodied than the others, but still of medium hardness.

You can find all these 5 chews in ours MINI PACK, in a comfortable convenience format! Designed to last you about a month and to which you can sign up for a convenient monthly subscription, to save even more money and time when placing orders!