For our dogs, games are a very important resource, playtime shouldn't be a solitary moment for the dog, but a moment to share with you. Dogs are social animals, so they need to spend quality time with you every day.

Playing means sharing, it means learning, it means strengthening your relationship.

All dogs need to play, regardless of age, and above all it is a daily need.

Obviously the duration, the intensity, the type of game varies from dog to dog, from his age and from his breed motivations, but he should never be missing in his daily activities with you.

There are tons of different games you can play with your dog! It is you owners who know him better than anyone else and therefore you must learn to understand which ones are best for him / her, which ones excite and stimulate him the most.

Remember that by playing you learn, and you can teach him many things during the game, also working on calmness, responsiveness, possessiveness, resource sharing and many other aspects!

Many dogs have a very short attention span, some extremely short.. this makes them bored very quickly, so if they always had the same toys available, they wouldn't look at them again after a few minutes.

And even with you, the game doesn't have to go on forever. It must be an activity with a precise beginning and an end. It must always finish before the dog loses interest, this is crucial. This way the next time he will always be interested and stimulated to play with you!